Grey (43)

Grey is a mixture of black and white. It is timeless and versatile, making it a great partner to a wide variety of colours. Grey, however, is often used in interior design to create a contemporary and sophisticated feel. Like most other neutrals, grey can be combined with almost any other colour in the visible spectrum. For a classic and contemporary feel, combine grey with white and blackā€”its parent colours. Check out more about the grey colour at canva.

Canvas concrete look
Carrara marble
Carrara & Thassos Alhambra marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Alhambra
Carrara & Thassos Flower marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Flower
Carrara & Thassos Leaf marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Leaf
Carrara & Thassos V-Shape marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos V-Shape
Carrara Diamond marble mosaic
Carrara Diamond
Carrara Fishscale marble mosaic
Carrara Fishscale
Carrara Hex marble
Carrara Hex
Carrara Hexagon 125mm marble mosaic
Carrara Hexagon 125mm
Carrara Hexagon 25mm marble mosaic
Carrara Hexagon 25mm
Carrara Hexagon 48mm marble mosaic
Carrara Hexagon 48mm
Carrara Leaf marble mosaic
Carrara Leaf
Carrara Marble Subway subway
Carrara Marble Subway
Carrara Penny Round marble mosaic
Carrara Penny Round
Carrara Penny Round Mini marble mosaic
Carrara Penny Round Mini
Cube Mosaic
Encaustic cement tile
Fishscale Clay australian handmade
Fishscale Clay
Marble Antique subway
Marble Antique
Onix Hex Mosaic
Onix Hex
Pavement concrete look
Rustic II subway
Rustic II
Silvery Grey Picket marble mosaic
Silvery Grey Picket
Spanish Terrazzo terrazzo
Spanish Terrazzo
Street concrete look
Tone subway
Tone Pattern concrete look
Tone Pattern
Trend Aquatica Snowflake pool mosaic
Trend Aquatica Snowflake
Trend Aquatica Vitreo 152 pool mosaic
Trend Aquatica Vitreo 152