Subway Tiles (10)

Subway Tiles were named after the iconic ceramic wall tiles commonly found on New York Subway Stations in the 1920s. The style has gain great popularity in recent years for its practicality, compatibility and aesthetic. Due to its versatility, subway tiles can be used in both contemporary concepts as well as in classic designs. At The Tile Palette, we carry luxury quality tiles with great arrays of colours, textures and finishes for your interior walls. You can choose from our almost endless range of Subway Tiles with straight edge, bevelled edge, rustic look, embossed textures, gloss glaze or matt finish. From residential to commercial projects, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with our luxurious Subway Tiles from Spain and Italy. We also carry a builders range of Subway Tiles that can suit any budget.

Duke subway
London subway
Luna subway
Marble Antique subway
Marble Antique
Marble Subway subway
Marble Subway
Railway subway
Rustic subway
Rustic II subway
Rustic II
Thread subway
Tone subway