Terracotta Tiles (9)

Terracotta translated from Italian means “baked earth”. It has been a favourable material since early civilisation creating heart-warming shades and everlasting character. The unglazed terracotta will nurture the senses with warmth and a down-to-earth feel. The beauty is owed to handmade characteristics and no two pieces are the same. Choose from a range of handcrafted Italian terracotta in earthy reds, oranges and browns.

 If you are after a real authentic look our stunning range of Mexican Saltillo Handmade Terracotta tiles are divine. This terracotta can only be sourced from the Mexican City of Saltillo, Coahuila. Saltillo owes its beauty to rustic, quality, handmade characteristics such as an occasional dog print, chips, bumps, hairline cracks, colour variations, and variations in size and thickness. Classic and contemporary shapes such as brick, arabesque, square or hexagonal are available in this Mexican Saltillo Terracotta series.

Handmade Italian Terracotta Bricks terracotta
Handmade Italian Terracotta Bricks
Handmade Mexican Terracotta Arabesque terracotta
Handmade Mexican Terracotta Arabesque
Handmade Mexican Terracotta Brick terracotta
Handmade Mexican Terracotta Brick
Handmade Mexican Terracotta Hexagon terracotta
Handmade Mexican Terracotta Hexagon
Handmade Mexican Terracotta Square terracotta
Handmade Mexican Terracotta Square
Italian Cotto Arabesque terracotta
Italian Cotto Arabesque
Italian Cotto Brick terracotta
Italian Cotto Brick
Italian Cotto Hexagon terracotta
Italian Cotto Hexagon
Italian Cotto Square terracotta
Italian Cotto Square