Mosaics (25)

For thousands of years, mosaics have been part of interior spaces. Their start can be traced back to primitive man’s simple arrangements of pebbles into patterns, describing a direction or message. The techniques gradually developed through history from decorative floor and wall surfaces in villas and cathedrals to the modern expression of mosaics as art. The art of mosaics is as contemporary as it is historical. Mosaics can be artistic, functional and beautiful. At the Tile Palette select from classic and contemporary design patterns and shapes including arabesque, chevron, penny rounds, cube, herringbone, octagonal and hexagonal. Then play fiercely or subtly with variations of colour, texture, luminosity and reflective features that mosaics have to offer.

Arabesque Mosaic
Herringbone Mosaic
Hex Mosaic
Hex Mini Mosaic
Hex Mini
Hex Mini Colour Mosaic
Hex Mini Colour
Hex Mini Unglazed Mosaic
Hex Mini Unglazed
Penny Mini Colour Mosaic
Penny Mini Colour
Penny Round Mini Mosaic
Penny Round Mini
Rectangle Mosaic
Red Earth Tictax marble mosaic
Red Earth Tictax
Twin Speckle White Matt Mosaic
Twin Speckle White Matt
Twin Stix Mosaic
Twin Stix
White Fishscale Mosaic Mosaic
White Fishscale Mosaic