Tile Patterns (10)

For each stroke in a pattern conveys the story of traditions, origins, innovations and endeavours, and through the tile patterns you can tell yours. Tile Patterns are highly versatile tiles that allows you to apply it to where your creativity instinct drives you. Create the orderly confident feel with the uniformity of the geometric tiles or add a dash of excitement with the illustrated tiles. Ground the room with raw textured tiles or create an explosion of randomly harmonised patterns and colours.

At The Tile Palette there are so many beautiful tile patterns to choose from. We have hand selected a range of quality porcelain tiles that are digitally printed with the most innovative digital printing technology, allowing the most accentuated details in the pattern designs. You will also find in our curated tile collection a range of encaustic cement tiles that display rawness in the most beautiful way. Also choose from our range of handcrafted and hand painted Mexican and Moroccan tiles to make a bold statement. Share your story.

Art Deco Hexagon Carrara Nero & Thassos marble mosaic
Art Deco Hexagon Carrara Nero & Thassos
Carrara & Nero Marquina Hexagon marble mosaic
Carrara & Nero Marquina Hexagon
Carrara & Thassos Hexagon marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Hexagon
Carrara & Thassos Parquet marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Parquet
Silvery Grey Parquet marble mosaic
Silvery Grey Parquet