Terrazzo Tiles (1)

Pronounced “ter·raz·zo”, these tiles are in a class of their own. Terrazzo floors date back to the new stone age, the age that changed every facet of human industrious effort, worldliness and art. It was in the 16th century that the Italians of Venice began to combine aggregates of granite, marble, quartz and post-consumer glass chips and set them into cement. This created a unique speckle-look finish that has seen its functional beauty contributing to endless world-class designs. This timeless look has made it back into the modern home maintaining the integrity of it’s aesthetic appeal, durability and versatility. A great consideration to lay terrazzo is due to it being an extremely environmentally friendly medium contributing to the high quality of clean air, very little maintenance and cost-effective lifespan investment. At The Tile Palette we have a stunning range of Spanish Terrazzo. Beautiful, contemporary and timeless colours that will work in any space.