Hamptons Tiles (57)

The classic, feminine Hamptons look is a luxurious aesthetic. This interior design style originated in North Hampshire, east of Long Island, New York, when they adapted their own interpretation of a French Provincial aesthetic. The grand beachside homes of the Hamptons are among the most expensive in the United States, with real estate in the area commanding multimillion-dollar prices. This style of Hamptons in Australia is of a relaxed coastal living and has also become a sophisticated beach-style. Some classic architectural Hamptons design features include the use of timber panelling, high pitched ceilings with exposed beams, light timber floors, neutral and ocean inspired colours, natural materials and lots of natural light. At The Tile Palette we have particular products that can be tailored to your Hamptons Interior Style. Hamptons bathrooms are classic, elegant and timeless. Marble is used for bench tops, floor or walls. Marble mosaics can be applied in various shapes such as hexagonal, alhambra & herringbone to name a few. We have a large selection of marble mosaics to choose from at The Tile Palette.

Art Deco Hexagon Carrara Nero & Thassos marble mosaic
Art Deco Hexagon Carrara Nero & Thassos
Cadiz subway
Cadiz Square subway
Cadiz Square
Calacatta Gold Herringbone marble mosaic
Calacatta Gold Herringbone
Calacatta Gold Hexagon 25 marble mosaic
Calacatta Gold Hexagon 25
Calacatta Gold Hexagon 48 marble mosaic
Calacatta Gold Hexagon 48
Calacatta Gold Penny Round marble mosaic
Calacatta Gold Penny Round
Calacatta Statuario Herringbone marble mosaic
Calacatta Statuario Herringbone
Calacatta Statuario Hexagon 48 marble mosaic
Calacatta Statuario Hexagon 48
Calacatta Statuario Hexagon 70 marble mosaic
Calacatta Statuario Hexagon 70
Calacatta Statuario Long Hexagon marble mosaic
Calacatta Statuario Long Hexagon
Calacatta Statuario Marble Subway subway
Calacatta Statuario Marble Subway
Carrara & Nero Marquina Basketweave marble mosaic
Carrara & Nero Marquina Basketweave
Carrara & Nero Marquina Hexagon marble mosaic
Carrara & Nero Marquina Hexagon
Carrara & Nero Marquina Octagon marble mosaic
Carrara & Nero Marquina Octagon
Carrara & Nero Marquina Octagon Large marble mosaic
Carrara & Nero Marquina Octagon Large
Carrara & Thassos Daisy marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Daisy
Carrara & Thassos Flower marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Flower
Carrara & Thassos Hexagon marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Hexagon
Carrara & Thassos Leaf marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Leaf
Carrara & Thassos Parquet marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos Parquet
Carrara & Thassos V-Shape marble mosaic
Carrara & Thassos V-Shape
Carrara Arabesque marble mosaic
Carrara Arabesque
Carrara Chevron marble mosaic
Carrara Chevron
Carrara Chevron Large marble mosaic
Carrara Chevron Large
Carrara Diamond marble mosaic
Carrara Diamond
Carrara Dot & Thassos Daisy marble mosaic
Carrara Dot & Thassos Daisy
Carrara Fishscale marble mosaic
Carrara Fishscale
Carrara Herringbone marble mosaic
Carrara Herringbone
Carrara Herringbone Large marble mosaic
Carrara Herringbone Large
Carrara Herringbone Long marble mosaic
Carrara Herringbone Long
Carrara Hexagon 125mm marble mosaic
Carrara Hexagon 125mm
Carrara Hexagon 25mm marble mosaic
Carrara Hexagon 25mm
Carrara Hexagon 48mm marble mosaic
Carrara Hexagon 48mm
Carrara Hexagon 70mm marble mosaic
Carrara Hexagon 70mm
Carrara Leaf marble mosaic
Carrara Leaf
Carrara Long Hexagon marble mosaic
Carrara Long Hexagon
Carrara Marble Subway subway
Carrara Marble Subway
Carrara Mini Brick marble mosaic
Carrara Mini Brick
Carrara Mini Subway marble mosaic
Carrara Mini Subway
Carrara Penny Round marble mosaic
Carrara Penny Round
Carrara Penny Round Mini marble mosaic
Carrara Penny Round Mini
Carrara Picket marble mosaic
Carrara Picket
Carrara Tumbled Square marble mosaic
Carrara Tumbled Square
Dusty Rose Marble Subway subway
Dusty Rose Marble Subway
Marble Antique subway
Marble Antique
New York Marble Subway subway
New York Marble Subway
Silvery Grey Parquet marble mosaic
Silvery Grey Parquet
Silvery Grey Picket marble mosaic
Silvery Grey Picket
Valencia subway
Valencia Square wall tile
Valencia Square